Be well-insured for your skydive holiday!

Are you going skydiving during an adventurous vacation? Then a good insurance should not be missing. A.S.R. is the ideal outdoor insurance for the adventurous holidaymaker. All the risks associated with parachuting are covered. Through Airboss, you can take out short-term travel insurance for the duration of your trip. This way, you are assured of optimal coverage during your skydiving vacation.

A travel insurance is obligated!

Skydiving is great. However most insurance policies do exclude special sports, such as parachuting. Pay attention to the policy conditions of your insurance and check if your policy covers parachuting. You are obliged to close a travel insurance which covers skydiving. This obligation by Airboss is exclusively meant for the protection of the participant.

Cancellation insurance

Do you have to postpone or even cancel your trip? It may happen, but for this we are charging a fee. Such fees can be covered by closing a cancellation insurance

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