Article 1: Definitions
1.1. When in these general terms & conditions there is talk about Airboss, it is meant: Airboss Skydiving as it is registered with the Chambers of Commerce under file number 57370508.
1.2. Client: the natural person or the legal entity who has a contractual relation with us based on a purchase agreement entered into with us, or who wishes to enter into a different type of agreement.
1.3. By the “General terms & conditions” is meant the whole of the conditions as stipulated hereafter

Article 2: Applicability
2.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements, services and deliveries of Airboss unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise in writing.
2.2. In case a client in her commission includes stipulations or conditions with differ from or do not occur in these general terms and conditions, they are only binding to Airboss in case and as far Airboss has explicitly agreed on these in writing.
2.3. In case a buyer also refers to (his) general terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of the buyer are not applicable. This is only different in case and as far as the applicability of the general terms and conditions of the buyer do not contradict these general terms and conditions. In case they do only the stipulations in these general terms and conditions are applicable. Any stipulation to the contrary in the general terms and conditions of the buyer do not affect the aforementioned.
2.4. Airboss has the right to hire third parties in the execution of her agreements.
2.5. When in these general terms & conditions there is talk about delivery, it also means matters such as the execution of services and work of any kind whatsoever.

Article 3: Booking procedure
3.1. The travel agreement is established through acceptation by Airboss of a written, telephonic or electronic registration by the participant. The booking form needs to be filled in completely and correctly. Bookings can exclusively be made directly with Airboss. In case of multiple bookings by multiple persons, the party leader is jointly and severally liable for all obligations resulting from the agreement. In case of a booking by a minor, the registration must bear the signature of the parent or legal guardian.

Article 4: Payment
4.1. Within 10 days after receipt of the invoice and the booking confirmation the owed down payment must be transferred into the bank account of Airboss. Bank: ING in Schalkhaar, Netherlands. Bank account IBAN number: NL96 INGB 0008485695. The rest of the total travel sum must be received into the bank account of Airboss at least 6 weeks before your departure date.
In case of bookings within 6 weeks before the departure date, the total travel sum must be paid at once. In case these conditions are not met, Airboss has the right to cancel your registration without the traveler being indemnified of the entry requirement. No more than 2-4 weeks after the payment obligations are met, the traveler will receive the necessary travel papers, specific information, addresses, etc. Registration will take place in the order of receipt. In case the course / trip / accommodation has already been fully booked we will inform you.

Article 5: Cancellation course or arrangement by the participant
5.1. The participant is advised to close a cancellation insurance and/or a travel insurance.
5.2. Any cancellation by the participant of the course or the arrangement is only accepted in writing. The date of receipt by Airboss of such cancellation will count as the cancellation date. In case a course or an arrangement is cancelled, the participant owes cancellation costs.

a) No refund will be given for airline tickets once the airline tickets in question have been booked
b) In all other cases the following cancellation costs and deadlines apply:

  • Cancellations up to 42 days before the departure day: 20% of the course or the arrangement.
  • Cancellations from the 42nd day until the 14th day before the departure day: 50% of the course or the arrangement.
  • Cancellations from the 14th day until the 5th day before the departure day: 75% of the course or the arrangement.
  • Cancellations from the 5th day before the departure day until the departure day or later: the complete course or arrangement.

Article 6: Travel insurance
6.1. The participant has the obligation to have closed a travel insurance which covers high risk sports such as parachuting, This obligation by Airboss is exclusively meant to protect the participant. ( such because of possible high medical, SOS or transport costs).

Article 7: Course
7.1. The course meets the requirements as stipulated in the Basic Safety Rules, as established by the Royal Dutch Aeronautical Society (KNVvL).

Article 8: Validity
8.1. The validity of the course is one year from the start of the course.

Article 9: Prices
9.1. Jumps are not transferrable nor convertible.
9.2. Freefall jumps (levels) which must be repeated and which are not included in the package are at the expense of the student.
9.3. Airboss reserves the right to calculate surcharges as a result of changes in fuel prices and/or landing fees.
9.4. Pack jobs of the parachute after the AFF course are at your own expense.
9.5. All prices mentioned on our website are subject to typing errors.

Article 10: Arrangement
10.1. Airboss is not liable in case the participant, on the location, cannot take part in (parts of) the pre-booked arrangement. All results thereof are at the expense of the participant.
10.2. Arrangements are not transferrable nor convertible.

Article 11: Restitution
11.1. The costs of the course are not refundable. Only the value of the left-over jumps can be compensated. Such compensation can only take place on medical grounds and indication. The request for restitution must be made in writing. Such request must include a declaration of the physician, who has also signed your medical certificate. From such declaration it must appear that for medical reasons you are not fit to practice parachuting for a period of at least 2 years.
11.2. In case the participant has already paid the registration fee, but is subsequently declared medically unfit to practice parachuting, the registration fee will be restituted.

Article 12: Liability
12.1. Liability of Airboss towards a client for indirect damages, which include consequential damages, lost profits, lost savings is excluded.

Article 13: Force majeure
13.1. In case of force majeure Airboss is not held to compensate any damages of the client as a result thereof.
13.2. By force majeure is to be meant, any circumstance beyond our control which is such that compliance with the agreement cannot reasonably be demanded of us (not attributable shortcomings in the fulfillment).

Article 14: Final provisions
14.1. Airboss, her personnel and any other persons who in any way, shape or form are involved in the activities of Airboss and/or contribute to these activities in any way, shape or form, do not accept any liability for damages and claims in any way, shape or form, which occurred during or as a result of practicing parachuting. You are supposed to know about the risks associated with the execution of a parachute jump and the risks associated with parachuting in general.
14.2 This agreement is governed by Dutch law
14.3 All disputes of any kind in connection with or resulting from agreements entered into by us or from services rendered by us will be tried by the competent court in The Netherlands.