General questions

Skydiving is actually one of the safest “extreme” sports. Ok, let’s be honest: it’s not bowling. You jump out of an airplane and fly at 200 km / h. But it is not Russian roulette either. You are better off with skydiving than with driving your car. That is a statistical fact. The risks are reduced with very good equipment and training.

Sun, sea and skydiving is our slogan. So lazing on the beach or working on your bronze is part of it. And there is plenty to do on our skydive holidays.

Fortunately, this is rare. If this happens then we have good contacts with other Skydive Centers to complete the course there.

Are you going to parachute with us then good insurance can not be missed. You are required to take out travel insurance that covers parachuting. We also advise you to take out accident insurance. This obligation, which Airboss states, serves exclusively to protect the participant.

Close your insurance online


We are affiliated to the Royal Dutch Association for Aviation (KNVvL), parachute department. All our instructors have licenses issued by the KNVvL.

The minimum age is 16 years. Minors need written permission from their legal representative.

If you have booked for the location in France, you can always stay longer. The only thing you have to pay is the stay at the campsite.

Certainly. You get a Dutch skydive license with which you can skydive worldwide.

No worries! There are enough other participants. The Airboss Skydive Camp is a fine and inspiring place to take a skydive course. So many different people who do something special, you make contact with them quickly.

You can not stay the whole week for the course? That’s no problem. We ensure that you are ready in time with the skydive course.


If you incur extra costs, you will receive an invoice with us on departure. Once you have returned to home you can transfer the amount.

Payment France, Mimizan
The deposit is € 200, -. The remaining amount must be received by us 6 weeks before departure at the latest.

Payment Senegal, Ndangane
The deposit is € 600, -. The remaining amount must be received by us 6 weeks before departure at the latest.

Equipment and clothing

Our participants must be able to rely on the equipment used in parachuting. We therefore have state-of-the-art certified equipment that is manufactured according to strict standards. All equipment is checked regularly.

You get a comfortable jumpsuit from us and a helmet. Make sure you have sturdy sports shoes.

No problem. You get a special protective glasses for free fall.


Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is a modern, safe and successful free fall course with personal guidance. It is recognized worldwide. We jump 6 jumps at your side to teach you everything. In a few days you become an enthusiastic and safe skydiver.

It is about 15 to 20 degrees Celsius colder at a jumping height than on the ground. In general, you have little trouble with this, because when the door opens, most people are busier about things other than temperature.

A medical certificate is a written statement drawn up by a physician with a medical judgment based on medical data relating to the patient and his state of health, which serves a purpose other than treatment or guidance.

A form, on which the inspection requirements are stated, will be sent to you by Airboss. Take this form to the doctor. The medical certificate is valid for two years.

If you booked last minute and can not make an appointment in your own country, we can also make an appointment with a doctor at the booked location.

Completely normal! Everyone suffers from nerves, although each in his own way. The first jump is a jump in the big unknown, we call it the discovery jump, but as you make more jumps, the confidence increases and the nerves decrease.

No doubt! Height fear is related to having contact with the earth. In the plane, in free fall or flying under the parachute you will not be bothered by that. Anyone who has jumped will confirm this story to you.

Formation Skydiving is a discipline in which you learn to jump with other skydivers.

No problem. You can jump as much as you want.

You make at least 2 jumps per day. More jumps is possible and happens regularly.

That can go fast. In good weather conditions you are ready in 4 to 5 days.

No, experience is not necessary. Are you adventurous and sporty and you have never made a skydive. Then you are most welcome

Did you become passionate about skydiving after the Accelerated Freefall course and would you like to get the A-license? Then you can take a follow-up parachute training course at Airboss. We call that the Airboss Academy

The ground training is the beginning of your free fall course. You get knowledge about the material in 6 to 8 hours. You learn how to fly with your body in free fall, using your altimeter, controlling the backup procedure and opening the main parachute in the right way. You also learn how to steer and land your parachute.

We use the maximum weight of 100 kg. But that does not say anything yet. If you are heavier, feel free to contact us for a personal advice.

The free fall gives a fantastic feeling, you can breathe and laugh like on the ground. No problem.