14 days

6 AFF jumps with instructor
14 solo skydives
5 jumps Formation Skydive
License accredited world wide
Free jump
Free video images on USB stick


Skydive course Airwareness

From an absolute beginner in skydving to an Advanced Skydiver. Airwareness is the course of Airboss with which we teach you how to skydive to that level. You make 26 skydives in two weeks. With the final result … the A-License.

Airwareness package

You have never made a skydive and you are adventurous and sportive?
You are welcome with us.
14 days
Theoretical and practical lessonsVideo analyses
14 days coachingRadio guidance; descent and landing
6 AFF jumps with instructorPacking lessons
5 jumps Formation SkydiveStudy books A-License
14 solo skydivesSiminars A-License
All jumps from 14.000 ft.A-License exam
State of the art equipmentA-License
License accredited world wide
Free jump
Free video images on USB stick


Accelerated Free Fall

You have never made a jump so your skydiving course starts with Accelerated Free Fall. You make 6 skydives and every time we go with you. During 55 seconds free fall we teach you the intricacies of skydiving.

Advanced Skydiver

When you are done with Accelerated Free Fall, you enter a new world. The world of the Advanced Skydiver. What are you going to do, among other things? We will go with you again, but now to teach you how to skydive with other skydivers. This is called Formation Skydive.

You will also receive orders from us in the air to better control your parachute. The remaining skydives that remain from your package? We challenge you to make unforgettable jumps with it.


That you are going to have fun in these two weeks that is for sure. But Airwareness also stands for quality and results, because after two weeks you have your A-License in your pocket.

Conditions of entry

From 16 years of age
Maximum weight is 100 kg.
A medical certificate valid for parachuting



Our destination, dates and prices

SUMMER 〉 France, Mimizan


9.00 AM – 17.00 PM: AFF training

Your Airwareness course starts with the ground school. During this first day you will get theoretical lessons and practical exercises. Essential techniques, such as maintaining a stable body position, checking your altimeter, mastering of important procedures and the right way to open your main parachute will be taught. You will also gain a good insight on how to control and land your parachute.


First skydive

You have completed ground school and are well-prepared. Together with two instructors you will go up to 4.200 meters. And they will guide and coach you from the very first to the very last second of your free fall, which lasts for about 1 minute. Once under your parachute we will guide you by radio until you are on the ground. Yeah! Your first skydive… This calls for a celebration!.


Second skydive

You debriefed your first jump with your instructor and have watched the video images. For your second skydive you will have a nice and easy task. Why? Because the second skydive is a repetition of the first. There maybe a few points of improvement but during this skydive we mainly want you to feel more free and at ease.


Third skydive

You have made your second skydive and your awareness grows. That is a good sign. It means you can do more exercises during your third jump and will enjoy your skydives even more. During this skydive, on guidance of the instructor, you will make 360 degree turns left and right. This is what we call heading control.


Fourth skydive

This is the jump the instructors look forward to. The fourth skydive. Most students think this skydive is the most memorable one of their course. After your exit from the aircraft you will make a triple forward loop after which, again on guidance of the instructor, you will make 360 degree turns left and right. How cool is that? You will start feeling like a real skydiver.


Fith skydive

The fun gets more and more. Why? Because you can do more. During this jump you will learn to fly on your back and how to do forward and backward loops in free fall. You will also learn to make a tracking. Or how to fly forward really fast. Like a rocket through the skies.


Sixth skydive

Your exam jump. During this jump you will show what you have learnt. And believe us when we say, it is be a lot after only a few days. You will surpass yourself and you’ll be amazed. But above all you will discover that skydiving is the greatest sport there is. Did you pass your exam? You can now start your solo jumps. Congratulations skydiver!


Graduation AFF License

cursus parachutespringen

Formation Skydiving

In 5 jumps you learn the basics of the Formation Skydiving. The jumps give you a solid foundation to develop further. In a short time you make progress and learn essential techniques to achieve the best result during a Formation Skydive.

Canopy Control

You make 5 Canopy Control jumps. You will learn how to get more performance out of your parachute, fly safely with other jumpers in the air and make better landings.

Hop and pop

JYou make a jump of 4000 ft. Wait a few seconds and then open your parachute. The purpose of this jump is to feel how it is to jump from a plane at lower altitude.

9 solo jumps

With these jumps you can do whatever you want. You only jump for fun or you go skydiving with other skydivers to do a formation skydive.

Parachute packing

You will receive instruction during the training to be able to pack your parachute yourself.

Theory exam

For your A-license you need basic knowledge about: regulations, material, meteo and general knowledge. Study material is provided by us and we will help you through seminary. At the end of the week you do a theory exam.

Your A-License


You want to make more jumps?

After your AFF graduation you can of course make more jumps. How many? As many as you want. No problem. You only pay per jump.
Cursus skydiven
Leren skydiven
Skydive cursus
Leren skydiven
Leren skydiven
Skydive cursus
Leren skydiven
Skydive cursus
Leren skydiven
Leren skydiven
Skydive cursus


5.00 based on 5 reviews
12 August 2014

Parachutespringen/skydiven is voor mij de grootste sprong in mijn leven geweest. Sjon en zijn instructeurs zijn de beste in de wereld om je dit rustig en veilig, vol vertrouwenen met veel plezier te leren! En als je het dan onder de knie hebt is het adembenemend leuk. Met een grote glimlach denk ik nu terug aan mijn 43 sprongen in Mimizan, en volgend jaar ben ik er zeker weer bij.

16 July 2015

Onwijs gaaf! Iedereen zou dit moeten doen! Super aardige mensen en onwijze relaxte sfeer op de dropzone. Sjon en Rod bedankt voor deze onvergetelijke ervaring!

15 August 2012

Insane! Iedereen moet dit gewoon doen. Meer living in the moment is er niet. En waarom alleen een tandem doen als je in een week je hele opleiding kan doen! Goede sfeer, lekker weer en geweldige mensen. Ik heb alweer zin in volgend jaar zomer! Tot dan!

12 September 2017

Het was helemaal geweldig. Ik heb in 2 weken 41 sprongen gemaakt. Met behulp van de goede training van Sjon en co kun je binnen no time veilig springen inclusief je eigen parachute vouwen. Je kunt vanaf de zevende sprong al solo springen :D Echt een aanrader als je hier een toffe hobby van wil maken.

22 September 2018

Genoten van Mimizan waarin ik in 2 weken mijn A-Brevet heb gehaald. Sjon en Rod maken elke sprong uniek en dragen hun kennis geduldig over.
Het oog voor veiligheid en elkaar checken wordt scherp in de gaten gehouden. Desondanks is er tussen alle serieuze leermomenten genoeg ruimte voor een dolletje, een koel drankje of een lekker broodje. Na 2 weken maak je deel uit van de Airboss familie én ben je in het bezit van je A-brevet. Ik heb de opleiding samen met een vakantie gepland waardoor het extra genieten was. De dropzone is klein maar ontzettend gezellig.. Je voelt je er gelijk thuis, ook de aanhang was van harte welkom. We hebben genoten en we komen zeker terug om extra sprongen te gaan maken volgend jaar! Twijfel je? Niet doen.. het is elke cent dubbel en dwars waard!

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